UT Community COVID-19 Archive Project

We have lived, and are continuing to live through unprecedented shared trauma. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major historical event affecting all aspects of society and every individual in unique and personal ways. Facing the ramifications of quarantine, isolation, and job loss, we know that the coronavirus has significantly changed how we live our lives, and that some of those changes will endure. The pandemic has highlighted the racial and economic disparities apparent in U.S. society and brought the issues of equity and inclusion to the forefront of local and national discourse.

College students, faculty, and staff are experiencing the pandemic through the lens of higher education and dealing with issues related to education, pedagogy, college operations, race, class, finances, family, social life, and mental health, among many others. Our perspectives and experiences are unique and important to share with each other.

The UT Community COVID-19 Archive Project gathers and digitally preserves stories and other materials from The University of Tampa community.

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